Feds seize Backpage.com, websites in enforcement action


In the mountains traction tires advised for stevens pass no restrictions were snoqualmie pass are next komo traffic at nine forty four verizon's got the weather heavy rain at times today gusty winds as well we're gonna feel the strongest gust along the coast and in the north sound but right into downtown seattle we could feel gusts to forty miles an hour be ready for the possibility of some snap tree limbs out there making your way through the overnight hours keeping it gusty and then slowly ramping winds down on sunday keeping the rain around to today upper fifties lower sixties tomorrow mid fifties in the komo weather center on komo news in fifty three now in downtown seattle komo news time is nine thirty five a website dub the world's top online brothel has been seized by the federal government accused of facilitating the sex trafficking of minors as young as fourteen abc's juju chang has more back page dot com once worth six hundred million dollars shutdown by federal investigators after avoiding any kind of conviction for years the online classified ads site has been accused of making sex trafficking possible tom's daughter who will call natalie was sold for sex at just fifteen years old he and his daughter told their stories to my colleague gloria riviera how many encounters do you think you've had during that time over a hundred and fifty would that have been possible without a back page no nightline has been investigating back page for years we tracked down former ceo carl for rare in two thousand sixteen all the way in amsterdam law enforces it tells us that underage girls are trafficked on backpage dot com your company he and other co founders were arrested and charged with pimping and late two thousand sixteen a judge later dismissed all charges that's abc's juju chang all his family wants to deliver.

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