Cabinet, Ted Monroe and Obama discussed on Frontlines of Freedom


It's all right here from abc news i'm tanya market analysts say investors are more worried about a trade war then week job data and it showed on wall street with the dow falling more than seven hundred points at one stretch on friday global markets have been battered since the president i announced plans to hit china with fifty billion dollars in tariffs if they charge us we charge them the same thing that's the way it's gotta be this week china fired back threatening fifty billion dollars in tariffs on american products everything from soybeans two cars to airplanes it could cost thousands of american jobs american farmers could be hit especially hard abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl at least seventy democrats and three republicans have asked president trump to fire epa director scott pruitt following a number of ethics complaints at the white house says it's waiting for a complete ethics investigation report we get more from abc's mary bruce mired in controversy epa administrator scott pruitt sat down with president trump in the oval office but the white house refuses to say what comes next no one other than the president has the authority to hire and fire members of his cabinet said decision that he'll make new questions about why two of pruitt's top aides got hefty raises even after the white house refused to sign off approved when he spoke with president trump discussed as agencies recent steps to roll back obama era fuel efficiency standards for cars and also fought for his job canadian police say several people are dead after a bus carrying a junior hockey team collided with a transport truck friday night on a rural highway in saskatchewan the rcmp says the bus was carrying the humble broncos to a game when it crashed rcmp inspector ted monroe says that caused the crash being investigated investigations early onstage as members on the scene and we're still trying to deal with those obviously the casualties officials have not yet confirmed the number of dead and injured you're listening to abc news hey my name's brand he ever make a change and then wonder why didn't they do this a long time ago that's what's happening for thousands of people with regard to their healthcare they're joining medishare and then they're wondering why didn't they already do.

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