Protests after University of Chicago student shot by officer


The country this weekend honoring slain civil rights icon martin luther king junior delivering the democratic weekly address congressman john lewis of georgia says if king were alive today he'd asked each of us to speak out in the face of injustice i will never forget dr king spoke in berlin against the danger of billion walls he reminded the global family the global community that god children will on both sides of the wall this past wednesday marked fifty years since king was assassinated in memphis a former hammond indiana police officer has been sentenced fifty five years in prison for killing the mother of three of his children thirty three year old kevin campbell denied responsibility before being sentenced today saying he wouldn't rest until he finds the person responsible tr thomas was found bleeding inside her portage apartment in two thousand fifteen and later died police say phone records show campbell and thomas argued over child support and creditors were calling him prosecutors say all campbell has to do is look in the mirror to find the killer kim gordon wgn news a rally friday against campus police involved shooting at the university of chicago police say twenty one year old charles thomas ignored several orders drop a metal pipe police say he used to break several apartment and car windows before he was shot in the shoulder the group you see united is calling for the school to consider taking guns away from campus officers tunisia tie is with the group if you are going to shoot someone i don't think it should be in the upper body because that that this could have ended up much much more worse than it did if he shot just a couple of inches over thomas's mother says by polar disorder runs in the family she says her son's been dealing.

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