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Canada and the entire hockey world grieving today after fourteen people were killed late yesterday when a bus carrying humble broncos junior hockey team was rammed by a tractor trailer in northern saskatchewan you're stunned and grieving over this incomprehensible situation we know that this is a moment when we must come together to support to comfort and to lean on one another team president kevin garin among the fourteen kill the team's twenty year old captain and it's radio play by play announcer the team was on its way to a playoff game when the accident took place germany's chancellor angela merkel saying she's quote deeply shocked by the terrible events in munster unquote of an crashed into a crowd outside the popular bar today in the western german city killing two people injuring twenty others the driver that vehicle then shot and killed himself to states complying so far with president trump's request that national guard troops be deployed to the us southern border with mexico that trip deployment nearly four thousand probably on their way to hundred and fifty national guard troops being deployed as we speak in texas and they're on their way in arizona to governor doug ducey call up the activation of one hundred fifty guard troops in arizona fox's griff jenkins in washington the ap reporting the california governor jerry brown has not yet indicated if you'll send guard members to the border while new mexico governor susana martinez office has not yet deployed any of the states guard members some thirty percent of air france flights canceled today's strike overpaid rises raises rather appears to be intensifying their most french trains will also screech to a halt on strike plan for tonight over president emmanuel macron's economic reforms that train strike expected to last through monday and that air france strike is the fifth such strike that's taken place since february seen fox news fair and balanced caitlyn personalized her shane company engagement ring with the sapphire and told everyone on yelp how much she loved it i wanted us gone he came in and saying fix tom this.

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