The Mark and Kichen Show - Patriot players are angry 3-18-2018


And i was like i have a day that's owns amazing it's very like out of this world no like what's the word i'm looking for like a logically advanced progressive yeah it sounds i don't know sure i don't know but i liked it when i always wanted to go to japan just so i could eat sushi in those places that have like all those colored plates oh the the conveyor belt awesome that does i'll fucking i'll try this yet because it's like one pink plates like ten dollars what's what's the exchange i feel is it thailand they have stuff like that and it's it's dirt cheap like with american money you spend ten bucks it's like your stuff i heard you can go to thailand like including the flight and everything for yeah for like two weeks yeah it's it's so cheap there and hurts great my friend just went to thailand said it was fucking awesome i hear a lot of good things about thailand i mean i don't i don't know like i just heard that vietnam adhere to the announced yeah yeah here people like have a great time in vietnam i've never eat a lot of crazy shit over there though dude i'm like not that adventurous could you eat a frog see probably not well maybe if it doesn't look like a frog like don't make it look it's gonna look like a front line and then like popcorn frog.

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