Penny Hardaway and former NBA All-Stars struggling as college head coaches


That wasn't higher autism stugatz there's no disputing that mike knows a lot about music the problem is how eager he is to let you know it it's the only time i ever have any conviction about what i'm talking about on you don't come in with huge confidence and i took even that away from you yesterday you strip me of mine years ago okay these live at our show with stu gods on espn radio espn radio is presented by progressive insurance bomani jones gonna to join us in just a second on the shell pennzoil performance line the right time with bomani jones podcast returns on april third here's your sports interrupdate penny hardaway as he has agreed to take over as the memphis tigers head coach so that will work out well i mean come on roy oh what's the matter what is it about penny go look a long history of nba all stars who have gone back to coaching college and see how good they've got chris marlins do patrick chewing gut anyway it's important that you get out with your cynicism right so that's going to go over well gee i don't think it's going to go let's get in the break you also said all schools should do that with guys who care that guys who have made you know hundreds of millions of dollars it's monte please why don't know what to do with the second story right you're monica retain his stroll weight title as moses caleros refused to answer the bell to start the ninth around and finally jay z ambience as daughter blue ivy got into a twenty thousand dollar art auction bidding war with tyler perry over the weekend.

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