XFL documentary maker plans own football league


The best sports talk in colorado wednesday night rivalry night the it'll be the bruins in the blues eight eastern on nbc has said saw this from darren rebel from the mothership vince mcmahon is promising to bring back a revamped xfl in twenty twenty where there's another league on the way in twenty nineteen charlie ever saw whose father dick ebersol was vince mcmahon's partner with the original xfl charlie ebersol who directed that documentary on the xfl that thirty for thirty series that was great now he's come up with the alliance of american football and first game february ninth twenty nineteen the week after the super bowl this season will run ten weeks in have fifty man teams so the teams are fifty players right some of the people involved in this helping troy paula malo see bill polian jared allen they're not playing by the way they're just consulting let me see what else do we have here according to charlie ebersol our investors here understand it's a seven to ten year plan and let me see anything else that what else are they offering here there's no tv timeouts they are already have some type of partnership with cbs cbs sports network to broadcast at least one or two games a week que they will integrate live fantasy play into the broadcast there are twenty eight thousand division one football players only seventeen hundred have nfl jobs were looking for those kurt warner's working in a grocery store and we think we'll find them eight teams in cities that will be announced in the next three months we'll start having regional drafts protecting eligible players who played.

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