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The boy scouts of america after their disabled son was denied the rank of eagle scout logan bligh was approved for the rank by the utah national parks council but then the national organization overturned that decision the bsa saying logan's down's syndrome did not allow him to do some of the tasks required to earn the merit badges needed for eagle the turkish military has taken full control of the center of afrin a syrian kurdish town as we hear from jennifer breeden turkish fighters tore down curtis statues and share the takeover of the town turkey claims the us allied kurdish population in the town was a threat to their national security ousted secretary of state rex tillerson had encouraged turkey to understand the us would not stand in their way turkish offensive in the syrian town began the kurdish syrian democratic forces who captured the last two britishborn isis fighters in jihadi john group left the frontlines of the isis fight to protect their fellow kurds in offering while us troops remain neutral despite the turkish invasion and for the second year in a row only to number one seeds are going to the sweet sixteen of march madness is overall top seed virginia was the first number one to ever lose in the first round when the cavaliers foul to unbc on friday west region number one exam you're lost in the second round.

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