FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, fired by Jeff Sessions, led probe into Sessions


Need something i'm shopping at total wine and more komo seattle komo fm oakville what's happening now lock them up i'm jeff pohjola with why the city of seattle wants gun owners to secure their firearms that and more local news in just two minutes right now abc it's four o'clock from abc news i'm richard cantu they don't think they're any more bombs authorities have been searching the pflueger village texas home of serial bomber mark anthony condit fred millan hausky specially special agent charge houston office of the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms says they found explosive materials and components consistent with condit's making signature components re in there that makes us believe have a high degree of certainty that it is the same components that we have found in all the other devices authorities say there's a reasonable level of certainty there are no more bombs out there abc news has learned that fired fbi director andrew mccabe authorized a criminal probe of torney general jeff sessions about a year ago investigation examined whether the attorney general lacked candor when testifying before congress about contacts he had with russian operatives mccabe was fired by sessions late last week two days before his scheduled retirement for what sessions called a lack of candor following an inspector general report that found mccabe misled investigators into their handling of matters associated with the two thousand sixteen presidential election mccabe has denied any wrongdoing abc serena marshall in washington congressional negotiators are trying to come up with a one point three trillion dollar spending bill to avoid a government shutdown friday night they dropped protections for dreamers and give president trump only a portion of.

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