From DMZ to ship at sea, Trump-Kim summit site rumors swirl


More than one hundred million dollars of his own money in a race that political observers say could end up being the most expensive gubernatorial contest in us history cambridge analytica has suspended its ceo alexander knicks affected immediately as npr's colin dwyer reports the move comes as the london based data mining firm deals with a series of high profile allegations cambridge analytica stands accused of improperly accessing data on fifty million facebook users for political purposes both companies are facing scrutiny because of it but cambridge analytica also had another scandal surfaced this week a british broadcaster released hidden camera footage of it's ceo appearing to confirm the company has engaged in dirty political tricks cambridge analytic kaz board of directors say nixon's comments do not represent the company's values it is suspending and replacing him during an independent investigation that's unlikely to satisfy the british government though officials there want to see sees the company's servers to find out how the company allegedly stole and misused that facebook data college wire npr news south korea's president is hinting of a possible threeway summit with president trump and north korea's leader kim jong on jason strathern reports from seoul president moon jaein said that after he and president trump hold their own summits with kim jong hoon there's a chance that all three leaders could meet together his remarks were made while discussing plans for his bilateral summit in late april inside the korean demilitarized zone according to media reports president trump is expected to meet kim by the end of may a location for that summit has not been announced moon says these meetings could lead to north korea's denuclearization for npr news i'm jason structure in seoul this is npr news a federal judge is criticizing kansas secretary of state crisco bach for failing to ensure that certain voters no they can participate in an upcoming election u s district court judge julie robinson is weighing motion by the american civil liberties union to hold coal back in contempt of her injunction against a kansas law the statute requires proof of citizenship when registering driver licensing offices robinson blocked.

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