Britney Spears Given Vanguard Award


Is now in clinical trials in four sites around the country including fenway community health in boston wbz's lana jones tells us it is a mixture of hiv dna and proteins designed to create an immune response in the patients who take anyways medical research director dr ken mayor says this is a very early stage trial early phase vaccine trial means that we're looking for people who are low risk for hiv this is very early days and there are a number of other vaccine studies underway at fenway health and other sites in boston such as brigham and women's hospital and beth israel deaconess that are also in early phases to develop anti vaccine total of sixty subjects will be involved in testing the safety of this vaccine it'll be years before they can determine its effectiveness but dr mayor says he's encouraged by early results in lab animals lana jones wbz newsradio ten thirty of the show this is us as it was named outstanding television drama at the glad media awards the twenty ninth annual ceremony also recognize the net series master of none for an episode in which later waifs character comes out to her family the night's biggest on here went to britney spears who was presented the vanguard award by ricky martin that award recognizes an entertainer that has made a significant difference in promoting equality and acceptance of lgbtq people wbz news time six fifty.

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