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A month for twenty eighteen equinoxes elti deal ends on mondays you got to get to apple chevrolet the entire experience is amazing telhami sent you apple chevrolet eighty five eighty five west one hundred fifty nine th street and tinley park or apple chevy dot com find new roads this is chicago's very own seven twenty wgn chicago smart speaker users just say play wgn radio and tune in apple chevy dot com bring you judy's news it is overcast fifty eight degrees at o'hare shooting in west garfield park this afternoon injuries three people at happened about five ten at west maypole and north kilborn the victims were taken destroys your hospital they are all listed in fair to serious condition a smoky smell in the cabin of an american airlines flight causes evacuation this afternoon at o'hare no one was hurt flight thirty four seventy from columbus ohio was scheduled to land in chicago about the time it actually did but as they were landing passengers smelled smoke in the cabin causing the sixty four passengers and four crew members to deplane onto the taxi way no word yet on the cause of that odor gas prices across chicago in the suburbs jumping up to forty cents a gallon in hispanic forty eight hours patrick dahan senior petroleum analyst with gas buddy dot com blames the high price of crude oil has not been high higher since back in december of twenty fourteen and that's really what's propelling gas prices higher of course it does not help refiners in the midst of maintenance and world so transitioning to summer gasoline says area drivers shouldn't be surprised to see prices surpassing three dollars a gallon soon in those prices could stick around for the next month senator dick durbin pushing back against the us attorney general telling prosecutors to pursue the death penalty for drug related crimes comes to sentencing we've got we can look at a life experience here gettin tough and out trying to censor way out of this didn't work worth a damn when it came to crack cocaine neil annoyed democrat says the feds need to crack down on how many opioid pills are being produced and sold.

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