Alzheimer's cases predicted to increase by 43 percent in Arizona by 2025


To talk five fifty kfyi type care for download with joanne bauer president trump's slamming the fbi raid as an attack on the country frankly a real disgrace an attack on our country in a true sense attack on what we all stand for arizona democratic congressman ruben gallego says the president should let the investigations play out the most important thing that matters to me is that he does not go after muller he does not try to replace rosenstein and that we allow these investigations go forward the rate is reportedly tied to one hundred and thirty thousand dollar payment cohen made to a porn star college will cost a lot more next year for hundreds of arizona dreamers the state supreme court has ruled the federal and state laws prohibit charging undocumented immigrants in state tuition arizona attorney general mark burnett rich says that law is clear it's a victory for the rule of law plain and simple i don't make the law but my job is the attorney general was the forest lawn the zona board of region says donka recipients will now be charged out of state tuition at the state's three public universities two hundred and twentyfive arizona national guard troops were deployed to the border today governor doug ducey says they have a lofty goal i think the success of this mission is going to be around do we stop the flow eagle drugs do we stop the flow of of human trafficking now the governor did not say how that success would be quantified or how long arizona national guard troops remain on the border about one hundred and thirty thousand arizonans over the age of sixty five has alzheimer's disease and by twenty five that number will be two hundred thousand a new study is now looking for volunteers to take part people get older everybody gets a little bit forgetful so there's the forgetfulness of normal aging and then there's the forgetfulness of alzheimer's disease research director dr michael weiner says the study aims to find a blood test to detect alzheimer's well glendale west gate entertainment district is now up for sale.

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