Former district judge's son arrested in death of his father


Pennsylvania i detroit man who made threats against white police officers given ten months in jail and probation five dollars officers were killed and nine others wounded in july of two thousand sixteen by gunman angry over police shooting black man they rule littleton in detroit posted his praise for the shootings and said kill all white cops today littleton told the judge and it just came out of that angry place deeply policy i didn't mean it do any of those judge vonda evans gave littleton ten months in jail with work release and five years probation littleton also has to attend aa meetings five days a week dick hafner wjr news the son of former mount clemens district judge james scandal retail senior has been arrested in connection with the death of his father james scandal reto junior facing possible murder charges after his father's body was found in an abandoned golf course and polka ratan james junior calling police on april first reporting dad was missing the police became suspicious after they set his story didn't make sense they all chew county police arresting james junior after he was seen driving his vehicle was stolen license plates he's being held without bond in his father's death the twelfth and final member of the latin count street gang members charged in a racketeering conspiracy involving murder and attempted robbery has pleaded guilty twenty eight year old kyle volts of lincoln park pleading guilty to racketeering he now faces thirty years in prison it's one of the nation's largest gatherings of engineers sae detroit opening its doors for business today the sat international world congress experience is underway at cobo center the essays jim for lenses says it's everything automotive present and future connectivity autonomous driving automation electronics electrification hybrid we have an autonomous shuttle where you can actually hop on right now and take a ride and that's that's taking place down the hall here so we have a hybrid police vehicles emergency vehicles we have test simulators here so a lot of fun for those that are in the industry and even those that are just have an interest in the industry the public can attend for free just by signing up but there is a charge if you'd like to sit through one of the technical sessions at cobo center ken rogulski wjr news.

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