Clinton says Trump won on vows to take country 'backwards'


The editor's desk assisted by eric hindsight tom hutler following these stories our hillary clinton told an audience in india that the us did not deserve donald trump's presidency and that these are perilous times the two thousand sixteen democratic presidential candidates spoke over the weekend of the conference in mumbai clinton said the republican president has quite an affinity for dictators and said trump really likes their authority and posturing and behavior schools are closed with polls are open as new hampshire gets hit with a town meeting day snowstorm for the second year in a row last year nearly eighty communities postponed their annual elections but the secretary of state said this year they must go on as normal warmer a warner town moderator ray martin said the turnout was steady early as voters hope to avoid the worst of that snow later on komo news typeset fortyeight dob is starting a new research study in the hope is that it will help veterans suffering ptsd komo's tammy matassa has the story a lot of stories they're the wounds lindsey church carries each day are deep i didn't start talking about my trauma until i was on the verge of dying of killing myself lindy's battle is ptsd therapy dog charlie is there for each struggle you don't know at any moment when when you're going to end up being cleared for lindsey the fight started after a series of surgeries during her active duty navy star medically retire early you w researchers know those scars haunt veterans lives now they're launching a new research intervention to find veterans like lindsey and matched them to treatment plants this intervention is really defined to help people think through this symptoms that they're having that they're experiencing and how it's affecting their life goals relationships during the study veterans will talk to counselors in three sessions over two months then have followup assessments for six months all done over the phone on the idea behind a checkup models to really reduce as many barriers ted seeking help as possible help lizzy says we'll be critical for developing programs.

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