Massive blaze on movie set of Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, kills firefighter


A new york city firefighter has been killed after a massive fire broke out at a building in harlem where movie directed by edward norton was being shot new york fire department commissioner daniel niagara said the blaze erupted in the basement of an unoccupied residential building about eleven last night or entire department on tire city mourns this horrific loss of a very brave firefighter hearts and our prayers go out to the family and may god rest his soul niagara said to other firefighters suffered burns and were in serious condition and three other people were injured i blaze broke out on the set of motherless brooklyn starring norton bruce willis willem dafoe and alec baldwin the clark county school district board has voted to move forward with the creation of a gender diverse policy a policy which still needs to be drafted could include allowing transgender students to use the bathroom and locker room with which they identify it could also allow them to choose their own pronoun the four three passing vote from the board of trustees only gives the go ahead for the superintendent and administrators to start drafting a gender policy president trump says he's considering vetoing the massive spending bill congress passed early this morning just yesterday white house budget chief mick mulvaney said the president backed the deal let's go back to the is the president going to sign the bill the answer is yes.

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