Thiam's earnings dip as Credit Suisse overhauls executive pay


The ceo at credits we saw his paycheck shrink last year in the third year of a major restructuring the bank says t john received ten point two million dollars for twenty seventeen that's five percent less from a year before credit suisse says chums pay would return to levels in line with the bank's expected improvement may thanh diong ping a chinese food reviews and delivery giant backed by tencent is considering going public in hong kong initial public offering that's according to people familiar with the matter us companies are finding that the flow from the foreign money spigot is slowing we get the details from bloomberg's jeff bellinger foreigners showed signs of being net sellers of us investment grade corporate debt this week according to bank of america data and he's selling pressure comes after international investors bought just thirty eight billion dollars us investment grade corporate death in the fourth quarter according to you es the least since the beginning of two thousand sixteen when the corporate bond market was in freefall ubs as overseas money managers are a key pillar for the market having bought more than one point four trillion dollars of the security since two thousand thirteen jeff bellinger bloomberg radio activist investor paul singer has one around in his battle for influence at telecom italia with the chairman and six directors quitting the board the move gives vivendi's some time in its attempts to fend off singers elliott management in a contest that's likely to come to a head at a telecom italia shareholder meeting in may coming up oregon congressman greg walden on the cambridge analytical scandal i'm pat carroll this is bloomberg adopt us kids one eighty over one eleven and i had a stroke i couldn't speak i walk this is high blood pressure get back on your plan to lower your hp dot org brought to you by the american stroke association american medical association.

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