Fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe unleashes on Trump


Cars former deputy director andrew mccabe says the president's cruelty reminds him of the days immediately following the firing of fbi director james comey g man who was axed just one day before qualifying for us federal pension goes on to say mr trump's comments about him were equally hurtful and false mccabe concludes that shows the president has no idea how fbi people feel about their leaders a busy street in miami is now clear rubble after a nine hundred fifty ton pedestrian bridge collapsed onto a cruise spend days digging through the rubble locating victims of the accident that left six people dead then they began clearing debris and fixing road damage caused by the tragic collapse that work is now complete then officials are planning to reopen the busy highway over the weekend reports the florida highway patrol is talking about reopening south west eighth street at florida international university tonight or tomorrow wins news time five fifty five south korea says the north has accepted its offer to hold high level talks between the two koreas next thursday the announcement comes a day after the south korean president tease the possibility of another even more important meeting this one involving the us plus north and south korea president trump is still hoping to meet with north korean leader kim jong un sometime before the end of may wins.

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