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Going. That. Other people have great ideas and that what I listen and talked other people, I'm listening for why they're right in not why they're rock and that I don't. I believe I'm a smart intelligent human being, but I believe there are other smart intelligent human beings. In fact, I believe there are people that may be not as smart as I am that have great ideas. So I my truth is always listening for other ideas from other people and not listening defensively, but listening for why they're right. And I will tell everyone who's listening. And I talk a lot about this other way of my book. If you start listening for the kernel of truth, it will change your life rapper that now love that you are in the business of helping people by the right franchise and avoid getting for her. Your. That's actually not true. True. I'm in the business of helping franchisers run a great franchise that people will want to buy. I'm an advocate and care about this topic because there are so many franchises that are not worth five hashing it about helping people avoid that. I don't. I don't. If someone's listening today and thinking about buying a franchise, I'm not really the person to call if someone's a franchisor that wants to be a better franchiser. I'm the right guy to call right guy. Yeah, right. Like all hair, you also regularly featured in the media irregular communists. They ask Evan columnist for franchising USA magazine that is true actually out some. I actually really love the questions. I think it's a, it's a, it's a, it's great to to do that. And. And I do write a lot I have. I have a passionate about giving back, and so you know, my wife asked me what was my goal of this podcast. Yeah, and I said, well, really my goal. This podcast is any with my business, my goal. This podcast is to make people aware of the key things to look at it. They're looking at buying franchising. I am an advocate of franchising, like I said, at the beginning and I encourage people to buy them because the by a great franchise or up. It can be a great business for people. Yeah, definitely. But you got careful standing so where can our listeners signed? Jon mine website is engage spelled with an eye for involvement. So as I N G AG dot net and if they go there, I have a free gift. I have a book called engaging leadership. If they click on the learn more under the book, I actually have a leader's guide and what's kind of cool by my leaders guide is you don't need my book. Use it so it it gives seven different exercises to us when in your company to get greater engagement in any kind of company doesn't have to be a franchise company. So people go to engage dot net spelled with an eye and they click on learn more under my book. They can get my leaders guy, and it's a pretty cool leaders guide and has some pretty provocative questions basically provides them with provocative questions to ask their company in their teammates, whether they're smaller big, it's a great guide and it's a free gift. If people would like to to do that. Cook for that's only half kidding. It's been fun. Thank you. Like to do partnership, or I find your ship. Need a better Mike. I M really bad here and I'm sure it'd be senior around the. No doubt about. And Jeff as well. He's a new, a new adviser to. Okay. Interviewing my wife, not to lie, and that's sandy. So we'll see. We'll see. Ladies all around the world lesson up where looking for you, the time has come to be unstoppable together. The danger of executive women is worrying. We're not enough obsessed with perfection failing to perform in your in the right place. It's now time to be unstoppable together with Connie five. She was the director of the United States chamber of commerce and C E O of the girl scouts, sit down squat down or lie down. It's time for up or out of business with Connie fife your unstoppable diva and care of the five group helping women in leadership achieve excellence and be unstoppable together.

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