Trump-supporting Miss Nevada stripped of title for breaking 'no politics rule'


The miss USA pageant has lost the contestant after her controversial comments he was the John hunt has more three dozen women will vie for the crown of ms America in Long Beach California over the weekend but ms Nevada will not be there Katie Williams a twenty nine year old Las Vegas woman claim she's the victim of censorship and being unfairly targeted over her support for president Donald Trump saying that quote to political to be in the pageant I asked what was the actual content like and they would never give me an answer and now I don't get to compete the pageant organizers insisted swings failure to separate political activism from her pageant persona that cost her the sash Williams is a fitness instructor and was deployed by the Army National Guard to Afghanistan in two thousand eight two thousand not a statement from the pageant group said Katie Williams is distorting all the facts all the pageant ask of ms Williams in writing is to keep separate social media accounts in a Facebook statement Williams said other contestants have voiced political views and were not punished the same way she

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