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Is Dwight Howard Really a Viable Option for the Lakers at Center?


Dwight howard is still on everybody's radar about maybe coming here to l. a. to replace demarcus cousins here's brian windhorst talking about how likely dwight's return to l. a. might be. I don't think it's a very likely marriage. I think the lakers right now are doing their due diligence on players unavailable centers joke him noah's another guy they've looked got and there's a process because dwight howard is a member of the memphis grizzlies he can't have free agent discussions with the other team so there has to be processed even have a conversation so that definitely taken place but dwight howard has been on four different teams in the last four years does not count the brooklyn nets who cut him and it may not glue the memphis grizzlies who may away the cut him if he can find a place to go well. I would imagine the memphis grizzlies would send a car to take him to the airport there. They're not going to be worried. I owe a the hands off dwight. You gotta make that he's our guy. They've probably got him at the airport the bus station or whatever it is they're going to do to get him to come to l._a. Lay the question is whether or not he's the best option here in l._a. Here's one horse talking about why he does not think it's a great fit. The lakers are in need of somebody who can be healthy and give them minutes minutes and that doesn't fit dwight howard or joe kim no art this point of their careers but i understand why the lakers are have those names on the list. I think this is unlikely. I i believe the lakers. Coach has won a younger more active player at this point in their careers a younger more active players sure but i don't know how often younger active are they walking around. I i was gonna say where where are they well. We did a poll of course obviously yesterday. Rods groups on twitter at which big man should the lakers sign and we put dwight howard or or noah it was fifty one percent a very close vote to dwight howard fifty one percent and i think you made a great point in earlier. Hey what do you have to lose. There's no risk you you know how much money and like you see one of these the n._b._a. Execs say hey they'll sign and if it doesn't work out just cut me. You don't have to give him a bunch of money. You don't get the grizzlies aren't gonna ask for draft picks to get dwight howard memphis. You just need to get him here and if it doesn't work and if at any point anthony davis or lebron or anybody else says you know what this guy i these gone. He's gone the very next day. There's no investment before when you're dealing with his deal and to get dwight is almost entirely unique. We've seen guys go from well-liked guys two guys that were less.

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Is Dwight Howard Really a Viable Option for the Lakers at Center?

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