Canadian police confirm sightings of murder suspects


Canadian police say there been two sightings of suspects in the slaying of an American woman her Australian boyfriend and another man in the area of Manitoba royal Canadian Mounted Police said authorities of corroborated the sightings of nineteen year old camera Klatt and eighteen year old Brian Smith gal ski here's a royal Canadian Mounted Police the search for camera cloud and briars McGill ski continues we can now confirm that there have been two established and corroborated sightings of the suspects in the Gillam area the sightings were prior to the discovery of the burnt out vehicle there have also been no reported stolen vehicles that could be attributed to the suspects at this point in the investigation we believe they are still in the area Manisha RCMP has deployed a significant amount of resources to the Gillam area including our emergency response team since negotiation team we stock services and air services assets the RCMP major crime unit is involved as well as your CV is north district and RCMP resources from other provinces our officers have conducted a detailed and thorough searches of potential areas of interest and the surgeons continue over the last forty eight hours we have received over eighty tips and we continue to ask the public to remain vigilant for camera cloud and briars McGill ski if they are spotted do not call nine one one or your local police immediately this is very challenging terrain this is a large area it's very there's wasn't dense bush Forrest swampy areas so it is very challenging miss McGill skis father said this week he expects the nationwide manhunt to end in the death of his son who he said was on a suicide

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