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The trump administration is vowing to fight a federal judges decision that blocks one of the White House's new immigration rules a plan that would have barred almost all asylum applications that the U._S. Mexico border the measure required migrants to apply I for asylum in the country. They traveled through on their way to the U._S.. So that policy is now on hold the world's Monica Campbell has been talking to those at the center of these decisions. She's at the Mexican border near San Diego where exactly Monica well. I'm actually in Tijuana and I'm in the plaza. When you crossover from near San Diego into to cross the border you enter this plaza? It's very placid there a lot of pigeons elderly man feeding the pitches in front of me cabs pulling up picking up people but as I just walked around the corner here there is a totally different scene and it's hundreds of people asylum-seekers migrants who are waiting to see if perhaps there number when they're number might be called up so that they can go and approach a border official in the U._S.

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