Attorney General William Barr says Robert Mueller asked DOJ for guidance on testimony limits


Over in the states Mahler's five our testimony today here is the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee Jerrold Nadler no he does not have to comply with that lady doesn't work for them and that letter asks things that are there to be on the beach the power of the of the agency to ask even if he still work for them seems that nobody neither side knows what really is going on here on that particular point from Jerrold Nadler one of the new developments in the molar testimony is the fact that the story had come out where borrow the William Barr the Attorney General had sent Robert Muller a letter showing what the boundaries were of his testimony and it was assumed that bar send the letter which he did but what we found out yesterday was according to Robert Muller that it should be according to William Barr Robert Muller requested to the guidance from the department of justice Attorney General bill Barr told fox news on Tuesday but it was former special counsel Robert Muller Steen who asked the justice department to send Muller letter telling him to keep his upcoming testimony the house lawmakers within the boundaries of the public version of his Russia probe report the letter provoked criticism from Democrats you just heard some right there from Jerrold Nadler who also called it incredibly error again asked by fox news why the Monday letter was sent Barr said Muller staff as the department for guidance at his press conference Bob referring to Bob Muller Robert Muller had said this is a quote here at his press conference Bob and said that he intended to stick with the public reported not go beyond that are said in an interview and in conversations with the department his staff was reiterating that that was their position and they asked us for guidance in writing to explain or tell them what our position was so we're responded in writing the department sent the guidance that they had requested end of quote asked directly if it was mother who asked for the latter bar would plied yes the letter said by the way she should you testify the department understands the testimony regarding the work of the special counsel's office will be governed by the terms you outlined on may twenty ninth specifically that the information you discuss during your testimony appears in and does not go beyond the public version of your March twenty second two thousand nineteen report to the Attorney General or your may twenty ninth public statement end of quote speaking of fox news bar also hit back at Nadler who during a CNN interview called the letter incredibly error again for trying to instruct Mahler what to say Barr said quote he was misinformed as to the facts now that does show something it shows that Robert Muller apparently if that's the way the whole thing went down Robert Muller apparently wants that out that he can refer to over and over and over and over again wells with your request letter except the whole of the letter and say this is the official written guidance that we have gotten or you submit it if you have an opening statement you submit that with your opening statement and say requested the guidance here's a guide so we got back and then you raise it if you need it is that were Miller's going I don't know is that a possibility as to why you ask for of course it is I'm the other thing is that the reason I said that the Republicans know what's going on is because president trump on Tuesday blasted the house judiciary committee's decision to let former special counsel Robert Muller stop aid on the Russia investigation accompany him during his testimony before house lawmakers on Wednesday the skin from fox news he requested that Erin's doubly his former chief of staff and top aid be at the witness table during testimony fox news has told the intelligence committee will swear Sibley N. before sharing now will they ask him direct questions or will Mahler just referred to him if there's something that he's not clear on and therefore he will answer at that particular point I don't know from derided decision as unfair and a disgrace to our system hi a source close to Mahler told foxnews Erin simply was the deputy special counsel and had day to day oversight of the investigation conducted by the office he will accompany special counsel Mahler to Wednesday's hearing as was discussed with the committee more than a week ago Republicans have spoken out against a last minute change well they're claiming it wasn't a last minute change well they would know because of the committee was there and that agreement was made was a Republican the room word no Republicans in that room when it was done was it a week ago was that last minute so like I said can it seems to be confusion on on both

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