What qualifies as child abuse neglect?


Okay so when we think about child abuse neglect we think about there's physical abuse sexual abuse neglect another's emotional business mother things but those are kind of the three primary ways we categorize the overall child maltreatment what is fascinating is if you really dig into those numbers you find that the physical abuse specific percentage is down by six percent it's down down by six percent okay physical abuse is down by six percent sexual abuse is down by three percent okay really so we're doing while we're we're we're really addressing that what is up significantly is neglect so so let me talk about neglect so we always say neglect if it's other than poverty poverty is not neglect right okay so let's go back to the conversation you had with Kerry and talking about the problem with substance abuse and these drunks one when we have either it is a apparent that endangers their child due to drug abuse or failure to protect them from drug abuse that charge is filed as neglect okay so substance abuse related charges our

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