Indians take AL Central lead with walk-off HR


Wonder if joe man's going to school the same way of all the other veteran managers in major league baseball always have decided they don't wanna pay the older guys they'd rather use young guys analytics they'd rather make out the lineups in the front office rather than let managers do it in the dugout. We saw dusty baker. We saw joe girardi. We saw a buck show walter walter. We saw john farrell. We saw all these old. Tom skippers get shuttled out and not to be seen again. Is this going to happen to joe. Madden madden says he remains optimistic about getting a new deal with the cubs but it is interesting that he went into the season without without having more than just this season on a contract despite the cubs all the success that he's had the oh epstein the president of baseball all operations says that <hes> he'll wait and see sit down at some point and they'll discuss the future of joe madden and let's face it unless they win a world series. It doesn't seem as if the cubs interested in bringing back joe madden number three just when you

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