Bahamas devastated by hurricane Dorian.


Coming up on the news a Bahamas Commas slammed by category five Harkin Dorian general election discussions in number ten amid brexit battle and Berlin zoo celebrates red birth of panda twins. It's Monday September Timbuktu. I'm Anthony Davis Hurricane. Dorian has caused unprecedented unprecedented devastation in the Bahamas. The country's leader has said the storm the second strongest Atlantic hurricane on record remains extremely dangerous said that Prime Minister Hubert menace some thirteen thousand houses of fear damaged or destroyed according to the International Red Cross pictures showed surging floodwaters what is upturned cars and snapped trees. Dorian is the most powerful storm to hit the Bahamas since records began and will later move dangerously close is to the US East Coast according to forecasters it hit the Bahamas as a category five hurricane but it's now weakened to a category four with maximum sustained twins near one hundred and fifty five miles an hour says the US National Hurricane Center in its latest update Dorian will however remain a powerful hurricane during during the next couple of days. The storm is crawling over Grand Bahama with a population of around fifty thousand people and is only sixty miles east of West Palm Beach in Florida. Dorian is traveling west of just over one mile an hour. NHCD said it added that the hurricane would continue to pound Grand Bahama the island through much of Monday the winds at the core of the storm spinning so fast that the center is collapsing on itself stalling over the area and weakening the storms. I this is making it expand and caused damage over large area and could raise water levels by as much as twenty three feet in parts heart. Grand Bahama Island Donald Trump yesterday marveled over hurricane Dorian size incorrectly telling the public about its potential off off and suggesting he's never heard of a category five storm before Dorian in fact is the fourth category five storm to happen under his watch. speculation is mounting that Boris Johnson could call a snap general election in the UK if back bench rebels succeed in passing a bill to delay brexit today the UK Prime Minister has made a statement outside number ten urging politicians not to undermine his negotiations with the EU as opposition and Tory rebels MP's publish a bill designed to rule out a no deal brexit on thirty first of October Toba despite Mr Johnson claiming he didn't want to hold a general election polling day would most likely be before the thirty first of October though the date would ultimately talk be in the control of the government who could decide to change the date at the last minute allowing the UK to crash out of the E U by default without a deal real first minister of Scotland Nicholas Sturgeon tweeted plainly obvious from that statement that Johnson has no plan to get a deal if MP's blink blink tomorrow he will drive the UK off the no deal cliff on thirty first of October. He must not get away with it. Mr Johnson ended his speech h with MP should vote with the government against Corbin's pointless delay. I want everyone to know there are no circumstances in which I will ask Brussels to delay allay. We are leaving on October thirty first. No IFS or buts we will not accept any attempts to go back on promises or scrub that referendum throughout the press conference protesters' could be heard outside Downing Street chanting stop. The coup Berlin Zoo said it's resident Pandang Mang has delivered twins the first time one of the endangered animals has given birth in the country. Mingming became a mom twice. We are so happy we are speechless. The zoo tweeted today posting video of mango guiding reading one of her pink cubs to feed pandas on notoriously difficult to breed making such births rab. The Panda delivered its first cub on Saturday evening running about an hour later. A second baby was born. The sexes have not been determined. The zoo said they weighed one hundred thirty six and one hundred eighty six six grams. The zoo pays fifteen million dollars a year in a fifteen year contract to host them with most of the money going towards the conservation and breeding research program Graham in China. The cubs born in Berlin must be returned to China within four years after they have been weaned about one thousand eight hundred sixty four pandas this remain in the wild in China up from around two thousand in the late nineteen seventies according to the environmental group. WWF just over four hundred pandas live in zoos around the world in conservation projects setup with Beijing you can subscribe to the news with your favorite podcast. APP or ask Your Smart Speaker to play the news with Anthony Davis podcast leave us a review on. I tunes yes and follow us on twitter. At the news underscore podcast for daily updates. 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