UK Parliament prorogation to go ahead.


Coming up on the news you K- parliament's suspension to go ahead Hurricane Dorian survivors not welcome in the United States and nearly all British Airways flights canceled as pilots go on strike. It's Monday September nine. I'm Anthony Davis the five week suspension of parliament. We'll begin later after. MP's expected to again reject government calls for a snap election opposition. MP's confirms they would not back the push for for an October fifteen Paul insisting law blocking and no deal brexit must be implemented. First ministers have called the law lousy and said they would test attest to the limit what it required them. Boris Johnson has been warned he could face legal action for flouting it. Common Speaker John Berko says is he will stand down at the next election or on October thirty first whichever comes first speaking in parliament Mr Berko said his ten year tenure was nearing its end and it had been the greatest honor and privilege to serve if there was no early election he said thirty first of October would be the least disruptive and most democratic date his faced fierce criticism from Brexit is who have questioned his impartiality on the issue of Europe and claim he has facilitated title efforts by MP's opposed to a no deal exit to take control of Commons business. Mr warned that if the appointment of his own successor was left until after the next election newly elected MP's might find themselves being unduly influenced by Ponti whips in their choice of figure it will mean a balance. Let's he's held when all members have some knowledge of the candidates. This is far preferable to a contest at the start of parliament where new MP's will not be similarly informed he you told the Commons in an emotional speech he said he had been proud to stand up for the interests of MP's and to act as the back benches backstop hundreds of hurricane Dorian survives crowded into a ferry anchored in Freeport Bahamas on Sunday evening after days on the sweltering islands with limited food water and power just two and a half hours across the ocean a safety and relief waited in Fort Lauderdale Florida then an announcement blared from the boats into com- speakers please all passengers is that don't have a US visa. Please proceed to disembark a crew member said in a video captured on board since Dorian devastated the island's earlier earlier this month hundreds of Bahamian refugees have reportedly come to the United States after going through a screening process with only a passport and proof of no criminal record the more than one hundred refugees forced to disembark Sunday night were baffled about why they were turned away at the last minute like this. It's kind of disappointing Reynard Oliver who held his infant daughter said it's hurtful because I'm watching my daughter cry but it is what it is on Saturday. Nearly fifteen hundred refugees traveled to the United States on another cruise ship reportedly without requiring visas. The refugees plight comes off the bipartisan partisan calls to waive all visa requirements for Bahamas survivors on Wednesday Senators Marco Rubio and Senator Rick Scott of Florida wrote an open letter to Donald trump urging him to allow in refugees with relatives in the United States eighteen other. Florida lawmakers made a similar appeal. He'll British. Airways was forced to cancel virtually all flights for Monday in Tuesday. After its pilots went on strike for the first time in the airline's history the strike was called by the British Airlines Pilot Association amid eight a heated dispute over pay with the airline that shows no signs of abating Palpa is planning another strike for September twenty seventh and said today that further strike dates may be announced nearly two hundred thousand passengers would do to travel today and tomorrow pilots are unhappy with as offer of an eleven point five percent salary increase over three years. They want a greater share of the airline's burgeoning prophets be posted operating profit of nearly two billion. Leeann pounds for two thousand eighteen an eleven point six percent increase over the previous year the average salary for be a captain is one hundred sixty seven thousand pounds sounds plus flying allowances. The offer of eleven point five percent would take the average salary to two hundred and two thousand pounds with another strike planned buffet said it would contact passes traveling on that date if their flights were likely to be impacted you can subscribe to the news with your favorite podcast. APP or ask Your Smart Speaker to play the news with Anthony Davis podcast leave us a review on I iteens and follow us on twitter at the news underscore podcast for daily updates. The news is an independent production covering politics wchs inequality health and climate delivering honest verified and truthful World News daily.

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