Antonio Brown facing possible suspension


Antonio uh-huh brown and the raiders day got issues. Antonio brown basically came out today taunting the organization and saying that helmet thing. I made a bunch of money on it yesterday. He basically on instagram. Put out a letter. The raiders sent him about a fine in the raiders like any organization. Don't want to be taunted by an employee that stuff's discreet confidential. You know what those letters go in public so mike mayock and antonio brown got into ugly situation today. It says it looks like he's going to be suspended bended now. It should be noted. The adam schefter tweet said looks like he could be suspended. Maybe jon gruden doesn't want him suspended. So now you could have mic mac and jon gruden battling. I wouldn't have gotten maybe not into needy people not in a needy wide receivers odell beckham in cleveland. I've said it before. I think jarvis landrieu still be there in five years. I don't think odell beckham would be a not a t. O. guy. I'm not an show guy. I'm not an antonio brown guy. I'll take doodoo smith schuster and pittsburgh berg is not as good but he's ninety percent a._b. Without the nonsense so this is the very latest on this stuff as more happens. We'll discuss

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