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When i was fourteen i also didn't tell the people that i done it and then it came out with intermission russian which is maybe with colin farrell yeah yeah but in the coffee brown's halse oh god in so long brown browse your what do you think about it. That might dog never drank a cup of coffee in my life i was going to text. You're exactly is copy cycle theater. You want one. That's very kind of you know said no proper co-pay all a cup of coffee. I just moved into a new flat. I asked jack he came. No no no no no jack lives with them. Associates call bob of course he does know jack came over the night i was like do you want some commitment. Yeah and i was like i said i was like you wanna suck on this team. I don't say that don't don't have as you didn't tell anybody about the phantom did and then it came out with intermission. Intermission was like the biggest stylish movie that i've been heartened years news news like oh god. I was like this is. This is my school people that are were you in a movie and why didn't you it became a whole other thing of like and it was kind of controversial because i play a teenager on t._v. And i'm like an old lady luck muscle but then at that time i looked like you can imagine how young actually i was like fourteen this is this is available each actually for anyone who wants to see the funds yeah. It's it's the three minute movies too much of your time but i think people thought it was an awful lot younger then so it was like a debate on the radio because it was a play on the word cannot which you know you can be like it's just gusting. They had this tiny child and i was listening going no. I'm a teenager so yeah. That kind of like blew my cover. I think for for acting but i felt like i think i don't know but you know when you don't come from an acting background. It is embarrassing to go outside. I wanted to because it seems team so unrealistic. It seems like a mental thing to reach for royal. Even though you think that i'm people might solve try in this way and you might think it's realistic he's talking about. He's going to carry on trying to do but it took me a long time to like. Actually we say to people like i went through like four years university before i play drums go cloud. I'm still live. There is two years ago. When i do not i do like i don't know people go. Oh what do you do which is the worst ever in the world shooting or not doing well justices despite specially what

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