Politicians Respond To Mass Shootings


Nine people have been killed in a mass shooting in Dayton Ohio just hours after twenty people were killed in a shooting in el Paso Texas now these incidents this weekend follow a mass shooting that left three people dead at the Gilroy garlic festival one week ago KCBS reporter Jennifer Hodges sells us how political leaders in Santa Clara county are responding to this week of deadly violence Gilroy mayor rolling Velasco was emotional when he talked about his own city this past week has been I mean some real to say the least it it is better than one major event after another and now we're trying to deal with the aftermath that aftermath as included a number of memorials and vigils much of the talk eventually turning to guns Santa Clara county supervisor Dave Cortese you look at the number of these outbreaks mass shootings in there are probably days here in the United States of America today in twenty nineteen were were you know experiencing more casualties than the country did during the civil war of the eighteen sixties and if that's the reality that we're facing right now and Cortese says it's important that people understand it is a very edgy feeling to be on the brink of domestic terrorism at any second make no mistake that's what this is this domestic terrorism Jennifer Hodges KCBS and these three mass shootings within a week likely will lead to a renewed call for stricter gun laws KCBS is Peter finch spoke with the UCLA law professor about this epidemic of deadly violence three dead in Gilroy last Sunday twenty killed in el Paso Saturday nine dead early this morning in a mass shooting in Dayton Ohio professor Adam Winkler at the UCLA school of law things there are several things the federal government Anggun companies can do to make sure weapons don't end up in the wrong person's hands we can do more to bring down the daily tasks of gun violence better background checks a restrictions on the most dangerous forms of weapons and really increasing the ability of the federal government to crackdown on illegal gun trafficking with three mass shootings in a week UCLA law professor Adam Winkler expects gun control to become an issue among the democratic presidential

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