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Might be because I'm a freak like. and it should know what I mean out here make it change it thank you yeah sharing causes and things like that yeah this is that was fantastic I really thank you for being here brandy and so also was going on is with always goes on is the badger rack community centers right they all the yeah the market today the market is in there yeah up until what time they sat PM PM yeah I want to go right after this yes the badger market is located at badger rock offer from rock roll from twelve to four PM when they have a whole bunch of local and small you know business vendors from food to persist to products to organic vegetables and fruit food yeah the food be excellent so and desserts his shades lighter cocoa Butters show. lotions bath soaps things like those things yeah I always miss it because I'm here but I want to go today it's for a final birthday. like I had to purposely tell myself like girls stop is not your birthday anymore like sit down somewhere really listen to Tracy Chapman right now can we just listen to that song yeah.

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