A Recap of Big Brother's Double Eviction


Welcome back to our live coverage of double eviction night baby and boy. It was a a doozy a lot to recap from the double eviction here with me in the studio to help a break it all down our own resident big brother veteran caitlyn. Herman is here caitlyn. Everyone good. I'm doing good tonight was a fun night for night night. Caitlin is locked in. She had a lot of thoughts about the episode. During the show. I said i say that he was actually shutting me up and said do not wanna hear this on the hot here to give have you guys big brother content and big brother content only all right of course here with us to help a breakdown the double eviction taryn armstrong. It is with us tonight erin. How are you doing very well rob. That was a very exciting double eviction. I feel like it's been a while. Since we've got such a good good double fiction. I was a great double. Eviction excited to have a tear with us help. Break it all down and it's such a big night that we also have with us. Join us on the podcasts melissa. Danny is gonna be with us tonight. Melissa how are you. I'm doing great baby. Da fiction is the new word so very exciting eating night. <hes> just quick forewarning. I am traveling right now so my connection might not be so great and i apologize if i cut out or anything but just wants to let that be now and so we at least have to cover for it okay all right. That's good. We've got to l f c people here tonight so i've only happens with melissa and her connection then we'll we'll. We'll be fine okay all right so melissa. What did you think about the double eviction. I thought it was very exciting. I almost got all all of my dreams to come true by having nicole win h._o._a. Jen cliff when vito and then christie's day and then she didn't stay so that was kind of a disappointment just because i love the drama and craziness that she brings. I think she's a very exciting player so you know it's sad to see her. Go but very exciting night okay very exciting night indeed and we will <hes> break it all down hashtag rha so we can get your your questions into the show as well all right so <hes> melissa that are you. Are you still with us sounds like you were breaking up a little bit tired. <hes> we'll see we'll see if we can get melissa back with something. What was what was that was that at at the door god that we have a surprise that the podcast studio door here in person <hes> not over yet firmer canana. Let's <hes> can you believe this. What's what's what's getting something. There is too much mo- sedan is here with us in the in the studio derek. We okay okay all right we are we unplugged headphones. Okay all right. Sorry about that everybody we we have pranked ourselves insurance. How are you. I'm doing great. This is so exciting. I'm very excited to be here in the studio and hang out with you. Guys tonight ed right chat room. I know it gets complicated. We had a lot of people in the studio so let us know on the volume levels as we try to get back to to the studio shot with with taryn while you're working on that okay alright taryn it jared we did it. Okay taryn attaran. Come on now connection guys. I let me just fix it for a second. Imagine how let's let's let's get let's get to the the double of action and i think the the question that we have to start with for me is i was very surprised prize that it was christie and not tommy that god voted out with that the plan all along yeah it had been discussed between jackson and holly that they really wanted christie to go they had talked with cliff about it and he agreed with them but cliff separately talked to nicole about like either one would be fine.

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