Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer throws ball over CF fence


Power today got upset and got upset with himself got upset with the way things were going in the game and when Terry Francona that came out to take him out he turned around and through the baseball about three hundred feet over the center field wall and it was straight away center into the batter Sisodia at back out there so it's not like it's yeah there were no fans there it didn't hurt anybody but still it's a dumb move it was a childish move a petulant move a dumb move but to his credit he's ever Bauer addressed the media and his teammates after the game he apologized and he said it was them they made it serves stupid job the thing to do so I think you understand it happened it's done and and you move on and I don't think it will I don't think it really changes people's perception that much I don't think it helps the trade value but I don't think they're gonna trade him

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