Biggest Takeaways from Week 1 of College Football


From the never ending drama of Antonio brown and the raiders to another week of college football let's bring in ESPN college football insider Phil Steele for some insight and Phil before we look ahead let's look back what was the biggest thing you learned from week one of the biggest challenges that the group of five does have a chance to go on when I woke magazine I thought all the group of five teams would have one boss became wait very impressed with boys the Cincinnati you see Arafat I think there is a legitimate chance of group product he does run the Cablevision I was focused on the to ABC gamestop Franklin to getting number twelve Texas a and M. Saturday afternoon Trevor large through a pair picks the Tigers opener offense paced by A. T. and in the ground game what do you need to see from Lawrence against the Aggies. well how about a performance I mean I expected server once the clearly the best quarterback in college football this year I don't think he will be white guys going to have to cut down on the intersections and then last year only had nine interceptions born of sections in the open so they're going to improve secondary I think that's going to be the key because Colin mind I believe will move the football I love Clemson be part to took over four hundred yards last year it comes in at a great defense of one they accounted for four touchdowns in the opener as well it's a top ten match up on Saturday night later on Ellis you getting Texas Sam L. in Europe and borrow both combined for nine touchdown passes last week what are you expecting when they do step on the same field. our I think we'll have a little bit lower scoring game in which you might be anticipating but I do think quarterbacks will live I'm really impressed with how Joe burrows picked up a new offense William classes there now and you know just gonna have to build up a big game. the top six are running backs but guaranteeing them is there yeah I think if you play the game on paper I wish you probably went to stand by time but it's not played on paper and Thomas one of the best underdog coaches out there even underdogs sixteen times in his coaching career one fourteen into a dentist but with eleven I wake up sets and then a large home dog VS the openness scale come it's all the way up to six and a half I'm gonna think it's gonna be closer than the experts expect their game to look forward to Jalin hurts over five hundred your mind it is Oklahoma debut six total touchdowns in his first game for the Sooners Oklahoma has the last two Heisman winners coming into this season would be fair to characterize Lincoln Riley is the quarterback Whisperer. yeah absolutely quote about cool whatever you want you know last year I had been a warning quarterback the previous year and I said you know Alan Murray is gonna have great staff this year but the way this March break the Mayfield stopped many surpassed them and others a chance hurts to do even better you see so many open receivers Amazon mom and I love the way he works with these quarterbacks remember hurts did hit seventy percent in Alabama last year well do ya he's my official quarterback who were. it's interesting because he was a big time when our banner bam I think was twenty six into as a starter did you see ways that Oklahoma use them that you didn't see at Alabama. Iago Luxottica tomorrow's offense different the one Alabama is run especially when her through the quarterback there were more of a one of the offense because they open up last year with two a and I think you saw him be able to solve the problem I like the way you get seventy percent of his passes the family on those receivers are just so open not only surprised me at the top customers stats from last year it was a phenomenal

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