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Some high profile golfers are agitated about one of their own young stars in his penchant for agonizingly slow play bryson d shambo who has a bitter charisma and maybe more than a bit because of his style and his wonky scientific approach to everything from his clubs to his mechanics so so much time standing over the golf ball before actually swinging the ticked off some peers including bruce kepco rory mcilroy and justin justin thomas for starters dish took as long as two minutes to get his shot off when the rule allows forty seconds and now the p._g._a. Says it will review its its policies and consider more ways to penalize players tone this too harsh you want to defend de shambo his agonizingly slow play so so i will point out that as we compressed that over two minute thing into that putting didn't even hit the whole anyone three feet by after walking around twenty seven times look. There's nothing thing worse than slow playing golf. There was nothing absolutely nothing hit the ball fine. The ball hit it again. Find it again hit it again slow. Oh players kill fast players and slow players are oblivious that his whole deal the reason. None of these slow players get find in any way is because the tore four doesn't wanna find him but why not maybe the tour tony mike it was baseball didn't wanna rush the pace for a long time and it knows because it is losing viewers and and okay so maybe doesn't golf have to deal with no well not really because it's the way the way you produce and direct gulf.

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