The Labor Day Survival Guide & Beyond Episode


Today's episode is all about labor day survival and beyond right beyond bed bath and beyond this beyond so this is the beyond section twenty percent off no exit serious it is i mean i'm just full disclosure. We don't want this episode to dislike die after monday <music> so we have to fill it with compelling things for the rest of the week right. We're not dumb. No nope <hes> okay well. We've got a lot. I mean the beyond is really exciting exciting actually in a little bit nerve wracking. I'm a little nervous about this so let's just jump right in. I'm jumping into breaking news today mike. I'm stepping on your toes. I have nothing anyways. Thank goodness okay so remember a few weeks ago on the podcast. We did a costco hall yeah and one of the products we featured. Was this tremendous meet stick and like we were joking about it but we said we were going to send it to the lab. Well we send to the lab abc noboru. We all know literally on the edge okay so this is the deal just to give a refresher. Let's talk about <hes> the actual meat stick the name jamie. Do you have any stats on the name where it's from. I believe it's green ridge farms okay green ridge farms farm natural crianlarich farms natural so this is not a cosco product but it's a product. That's distributed cosco and the stick itself. Let's look at it. We have one here okay. It's much fatter than most meat sticks. We've we've will feature a picturing on the high cascades large. It is almost like a fred flintstone brontosaurus burger situation whatever it is funny. It's officially called the beef snack stick. That is the largest snack well. The reason why we were like fourteen inches. I measured it but the reason why we were confused because it it was supposed to have a hundred and ten calories so this whole stick is supposed to have one hundred and ten calories and six grams of fat so we sent it to the lab and the results. They're upsetting but i wanna preface this by saying one thing. We don't send everything to the lab. Nope we love the lab. The lab is really interesting. We just can't test every every product however if i try something that i personally eat a lot and i think it's too good to be true. I will often invest the money. Just send my credit card and say test this and tell tell us what we're getting into and we've done this a lot over the past few years

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