Nick Nolte, Jerry Butler And Rick Roman discussed on The Empire Film Podcast


It because it isn't obvious from the moment the bad guy of this movie walks onscreen. It is not obvious who the bad guy is so mike has to figure out that it's downing houston and he has to figure it out and <hes> and then somehow turn it around and can he save the president's life again and clear his name and make things right so the way he teams up with his dad who is played by nick nolte. No there are scenes where nick nolte and jerry butler again. I said this interview but they talk the. It's you see this movie and forty x because just a dialogue scene alone. I was cherishes rumbling around and it's like being on a washing machine. It's incredible <hes> so this is directed by rick roman war who is directing jerry be in film called greenland's clearly to go on like a house on fire and what's interesting about this is this is a much more serious. Take on the idea of an unkillable one man army then in olympia has fallen in london has fallen which were both very equipped equipped tastic and both how can we say this had their issues with <hes> racial politics. Shall we say <hes> this movie lutely sidesteps up under no quips the bad guys are american in this <hes> so it it addresses some of the criticisms of those previous movies i i like to guys i liked it and i'm the only one in the room

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