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About health conditions that you had to consider so Amazon <hes> in particular only just starting to comply with some of the regulatory frameworks around the world that will allow Alfred truly private secure conversations. I mean private insecure in the sense that <hes> that data is not stored necessarily with their more compliant certain regulations like hip her in the U._S.. <hes> I mean from our point of view wearing credibly concerned about getting that right and making sure that the data stored in the right way apply. We're very very careful about the on our platform <hes> but to talk about consumer behavior. Actually we saw defines somewhat that it's the opposite that people feel quite surprisingly free to talk about very person health issues and ask questions of let's say Google assistant about the conditions. The challenge comes when you pay that to identifiable information so at the moment you know a platform knowing that somebody was asking about. Let's say the symptoms of malaria. They don't know who is no somebody said it

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