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It grew and now sixteen years later apple is shutting down the store will but this isn't a snap decision. There have been rumors of a rewrite for a good couple of years now. It's one of those this things that's that's been very obviously coming. Just because i tunes is huge. Lots of people use it and yet development on it clearly stopped. It's never exactly got better. It's kind of only ever gotten worse but it has at least changed in recent years and for the last couple of years it stop even doing that. It's very much stagnated and apple often leads things to stagnate and then just quietly kills them. I james is too big to be quietly. She killed so that stagnation strongly suggested that apple was working on something else and we got the official confirmation of that at their worldwide developers conference in june this year when they announced the death chants it was two years of record label negotiations leading up to the launch of spotify and <hes> and and and you know we were never quite sure exactly when it was going to close. There's all this speculation that spot of. I was gonna launch and then all the sudden in a matter of about seven days all those label negotiations concluded when we realized the deals are telling you gotta launch some have suggested that the rise of the audio streaming service spotify was a big factor in apple's this decision to do away with the i tune stole what spotify date was forced apple to add a whole extra tear into chiens <music> an act which was already bursting at the seams with features that it wasn't originally designed to do you have to remember this is an app that was created to basically do two things play music and store a collection of music files then it also got a music store then it started managing ipods then it got an app store and started managing iphones. Also you had podcast you had t._v. Shows you had films. All of these were crammed into an app that still had the same named fundamental visual design language still had the same code base as it always had done and just wasn't working to do all of these things spotify came along. I meant that there had to be another feature added music streaming which even in so far as managing the contents of an iphone are pretty thirty different from managing a music library. They'll still limited. Collections of content streaming music means that you suddenly have to have a system some four all content ever being streamed through this same service apple did that apple music and the <hes> rebranded music app on phones managed managed to chuck along but it it was clear that it wasn't really fit for purpose as you alluded to earlier on itunes isn't going to exactly die but what is going to happen often so it's been split f- ruled. I've been the single nigerians and promising a worthy successor. Actually the core of the app is probably going to stay day much the same and the has its upsides and its downsides the music app which will be the main success to most of our genes will still be way. Oh you play downloaded music. It will still be where you play streaming music from apple music. It will still be where if you have a computer with a cd drive which i don't think apple even sal sal anymore <hes> it would be where you would play a c._d. On that but then they'll be a few other extra apps that will handle other parts of watchings wants. Did there's a podcast app which depending on how far behind you are on your listening. You might even be listening to this threat right now. It will be a centerpiece on the mac for downloading downloading managing listening to podcasts. Another part will be the new t._v. App where you will watch downloaded films and t._v. Shows as you'll interact with apple tv plus service and you will buy you buy or rent films from the movie store. That will go there. Then a few other features will be scattered throughout apps where they <hes> hadn't previously had much of a presence so the finder which in max is the way that you browse through files his way you'll be thinking with your iphone and yet and the books are up <hes> we'll also b._y._u. Manage your downloaded audiobooks. If you download audiobooks chain store what it is it's taking an app which once did the work of about ten apps and spitting them out so it only does work about five is any part of this to do with the fact that i e tunes is quite retro name when you think like nowadays lights nights like music podcasts. That's what apps now a cold. They're very kind of basic minimalist things. My tunes seem kind of a dougherty retro. In a way it is <hes> there was a big push from apple in twenty thirteen to stop using the i prefix switched to apple utah you saw i think the first big release was the apple watch but then we've seen it since with sort of apple music with the apple app pods all of these things which once upon a time probably would have been the i. Musical propped draft june streaming so that that's the root of it is <hes> by the time apple came to launching streaming music service dropped i and was on apple music and then those changes his slowly ricochet backup the chain until you end up with a music app. Is there a worry that we're going to lose something with this change in a very literal sense. Yes there is thought worry. A lot of people are very concerned that they have heard stories about jeans dying and they are panicking about their years. Long loving curated hundred gigabyte collection of downloaded music nick so

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