Andrew Luck's Retirement Highlights the NFL's Growing Problem


Know what it wasn't long ago. I think it was last week when two weeks ago when mclovin said hey how about this poll question is andrew lock more likely to be an slight disappointment or hall of famer and this is when the ankle injury came. I remember it was the calf and then the owner robert say said i think it's an ankle and then i started to think there's more involved in this. There's more to this story. Sorry ben just glynn from the calf to a high ankle. I don't even i still don't know what he has but we know it serious enough that he announced his retirement and everybody's got an opinion on this. His decision to retire was a shock to the system for you know the the entire n._f._l. Nation when people say boy oy this is the most shocking football story we've ever heard i mean like new. No no no no how about we start with o._j. Simpson michael vick aaron hernandez. Those are shocking stories. Andrew looks different cat all right he is. He went back to college to get his degree. He could have left after his junior year. He went back to get his degree in architectural design. I believe he there are guys who are or football players and then there guys who play football most our football players j._j. Watt is a football player. Should he still be playing football. No no not at all but it andrew luck is a guy who is a guy who was good at playing football. I don't know if he's a a football guy and there's a difference in that but that doesn't mean he wasn't good at it or didn't love it. I just think that we're we're so unfamiliar. Oh you're with an athlete who uses logic where you go. What are you doing. Most football players in pauley had the analogy. Let's say you have a rock rock in your shoe. Most football players will continue to play in fact. Stop down on the rock. Where is andrew luck goes. How about. I just take the rock in my shoe. I mean it sounds logical. He just took the rock out of a shoe. Football players will tie the shoe differently like they'll somehow find a way. Hey i'll walk differently who care i'll take madison. Shoot me up. Whatever andrew lucked just said. I'm gonna take the the pebble <music> out. He's removing football from his life. Everybody has an opinion on this and when he started rattle off the list of injuries it makes a lot of sense but it's hard for us to imagine and by the way athletes are just commodities. We've moved on from all of these athletes. We don't care really don't care eric. Dickerson joined us in los angeles when we were out there and here's one of the great running backs of all time any looked great. I said the kind you look like you could give me a couple of carries. He said people don't realize the toll that this takes on goes. I slept in a reclining chair for two years because i had neck and back injuries. Nobody cares about eric dickerson's injuries. Nobody cared about jim. Mcmahon's injury his health. He thought about killing himself. We move on and andrew luck realizes that and yes he got paid paid and the reason for people to be upset and how do you do this to your team. And how do you quit on your team. I understand those emotions. I really do but i have to look at this and say andrew. Luck did what andrew luck thought he needed to do. Is it inexcusable to you know oh colts fans. Yeah i get that. I don't think he's saying boy. Watch what i'm gonna do. I'm going to set up the colts for failure now. I don't think i think that he had to process this. It took a long time. It's something you do you do well. It's your identity and maybe he doesn't want that is his identity and can you get away from this. You know the guys who had all the surgeries. I'm seeing all of this stuff here. Everybody's saying how do you do. I understand all of those emotions. Russians here but andrew lock did what andrew lucked thought he needed to do. If barry sanders was a quarterback and he walked away we would have abba bigger issue with what barry sanders did at age thirty-one calvin johnson at aged thirty. Jim brown age thirty. What are you doing walking away from the sport. Guess you've got a contract extension. There are a lot of questions. I have ranted you luck in this situation. When did you really know and when did you let the cold snow and what is the reason. Is there more surgery down. The road like you went through shoulder. You had and i put some of this on the colts by the way ryan grigson in particular the former g._m. What did i say for years. You have this investment. It's like having this unbelievable engine but then you have a car that's falling apart. You traded for trent richardson. You didn't use any lyman you finally went out and got quinton nelson and what happened. Andrew luck had the best season of his career. He had the fewest sacks. It's not something that takes a whole lot of thought. Hey how about we have a good offensive line. Chances are andrew. Luck might be able to play play a little bit longer but so many injuries and then you start to get down on yourself and you get in your head and you don't wanna go through it and and i look i couldn't play the game. I've told you if you ever watched a game on the sidelines. You never let your kids play. It is violent. It's more violent than you think because when you hear it you can close your eyes on the sidelines just listen. There's no way you go yep. I want to play play. I know we're macho. I know we all wanna play through pain. I did stupid things with my knee and my shoulder waited thirty five the years to get my torn rotator and i'm not even a pro athlete. I have an artificial knee because i was stupid when i played this guys out there and they're taking shots at him. He's getting hit lacerated kidney. He's got shoulder. He's got yeah. I understand all of these injuries. Do we want him out there. Yes because it's about us he. What are you doing to my fantasy team. Hey what you doing to my colds. You're you guys got a chance to. I understand hold loose things but this is something that we don't understand an athlete who says i'm gonna take a logical approach. He's a guy he's got a flip phone. He's got a book club. I mean he he's not your normal guy. Hi and we can't understand this. He's newly married. We can't understand this because all of us would go. I killed a play and make that kind of money and be a starting starting quite yes. This story is about us in how we perceive. This people didn't play wanna tell you they would play or how oh you need to play or. What's wrong with your your soft. You gotta take a step back and andrew luck. Doing i see all of this twitter chatter. Oh this is going to stay with him forever. I is very sanders. A quitter calvin johnson a quitter. Is jim brown a quitter right i. I haven't heard that i'd never heard somebody say. Jim brown's a quitter. Barry sanders quit walked down on the <hes> the lines how can you do. I guess andrew luck is a quitter but i'm guessing will move past this calvin johnson. Is he a quitter or see smart. I don't know i just i saw this reaction this vitriol that andrew luck how dare you do for this. He walked away from his team. I get i get it. He gave up on a sport. He excels at but no matter what people say. I think we can all agree. Andrew luck was outstanding when he did play and wishing luck and no pun intended with his life after football.

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