'Spider-Man' Is Leaving The Marvel Cinematic Universe


So here's the way this works Marvel creates a spider man Stanley creates spider man Marvel's got the rights to it for years Marvel which wasn't really producing movies end up selling the rights to Sony so then we get the Tobey Maguire version of spider man in the in the beginning of this century and so we see those movies they're wildly successful Sonny tries a reboot with this guy Andrew Garfield I thought the movies were fine but they were critically reviewed very poorly and audiences were not really going for it either they didn't make what they want in the box office so Sony finally gets over itself and says okay fine we'll work with Marvel on this incredible cinematic universe that they've created with Iron Man and all these other characters they put them all together in this giant marriage that work out the contracts the right way and ends up being a smashing success well it's over we get news yesterday spider man is now leaving the Marvel cinematic universe Tom Holland who's played the character really well in the latest movies well not apparently be although there is a some hope still hanging out there apparently be a part of any more of these Marvel cinematic universe's movies and instead Sony's just gonna hold onto I'm selfishly because they can't agree on you guessed it money for more on this we got Victoria Gleick is the executive producer filling in this morning for our heather hunter Victoria I know you watch all the stuff really closely checks to me about this yesterday to me America you were very disappointed in the US yes it's funny because my friend Logan shot out to him texted me and I ended up texting this Chris plan if I weren't twenty two I would be angry crying right now just because I think Marvel did such an amazing job with spider man and Sony and they kind of saves the character concerning I think mess it up some with Andrew Garfield Andrew Garfield am and it's I could enter Gardasil right actor and they did but they did the same thing with the new venom movie like Tom hardy would have been he is the perfect venom any such a great actor but they made such a forgettable movie yeah I hate that I did I said this to you yesterday and I hope this is right in the long run I kind of hope that these studios these major studios do maintain some distance from one another and and create products to compete because it doesn't seem like Disney's taking over everything I mean Disney on think about what does the US Disney owns the Muppets Disney owns Star Wars the entire franchise Disney owns all of marble Disney owns Disney ESPN and ABC I mean you just got unless you don't fox now you don't everything fox's ever produced all the movies that's on by Disney now no Disney plus is coming out the streaming service what is it next in two months or so October I believe they're coming out the streaming service to compete with net flex and they own everything the behemoth I'd like to see a Sony Sony studio exist that can actually produce something to compete with Disney because it feels like everything's a little to consolidate it now I agree with that but I just think taking that character that belongs to the Marvel universe is just absurd to me what's the contract on this and how long to Sony get to use the spider man character do we now it's like a crazy agreement they get a spider man four ever at the to the expense of Marvel and the thing that bothers me is that kind of set it up in the last movie far from home as far from home yes far from his when he goes overseas yeah they set it up in the last movie that he's is basically going to be the main adventure spider man and I was like the conflict he was having throughout the movie is like he wasn't sure if he was basically ready to be the main Avenger yeah so I don't really know what their plan is also the last movie ended on a cliffhanger I'm not gonna say what it is I haven't seen him yeah but ends on a cliffhanger and I'm just like and he's done really well for John by the way they've they've earned over a billion dollars worldwide so far on that movie it's been the I think the only smash success of the summer has been that's vitamins anyway it's wild he's a good he's good at that role but once again he's not actually American is neat nice British yeah what's what's the deal here I can we get Americans the plate American superheroes I have no idea but I think you did amazing and I think a lot of fans are very emotionally attached to Tom Holland as writer man why no one who is thank

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