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Whether you're an established name a brand new startup right. Now has a television this listen to the radio. <hes> has played a record. Well thank R._C._A.. For that or C._A.. Is a name that many of us older folks oops remember. They were so dominant the <hes> the company was started by David Sarnoff. I am sitting here with Tim Sarnoff David Sarnoff grandson to talk about the legacy of R._C._A.. which is now a hundred years old? Tim Come a little closer to me and just re just spit out some of the multiple dimensions that came from R._C._A.. Well R._C._A.. Back in nineteen nineteen was really focused on radio and what was important about radio radio in one thousand nine thousand nine hundred and it's hard for people to sort of grasp a world without it but before radio the only way you got news was through either the newspaper which was mostly local newspaper or walking not driving. I'm walking to the nearest town and the average person only walked one day away so the news you got was as close as one day aways walk and frankly when radio came along it brought the world to everyone so significant invention initially was to bring the world to everyone's living and between Nineteen nineteen through nineteen twenty six that was sort of haphazard until N._B._C. was created under our C._A. and it. It was the first network to bring the news from all over the world into your living them R._C._A.. Sold the first radio had the first network that actually spawned the set on the second network which was A._B._C.. That's that's true. It was <hes> the red network in the Blue Network and then a year later was C._B._S.. <hes> so there were three dominant networks there were a number of them that came up and disappeared over fifty year period but those were the three that basically were maintained until cable came along and had the first TV well R._C._A.. During that time in Nineteen twenty-three started developing the T._v. with his work and on the side were a number of other inventor inventors. There was Farnsworth who was inventing a version of of <hes> electronic T._v. and all of the functions of those inventions had to be culminated into a business so the real invention of T._v. wasn't the T._v.. Itself but the business to actually manage the T._v.. The broadcast system that had to be set up there was an antenna that was put up on the Empire State Building that was the structure of creating call letters and times for the <hes> stations to actually not interfere with each other there was the advertising system television was more than just a box television was an industry industry and R._C._A.. Spent about fifty million dollars from nineteen twenty three to nineteen thirty nine to develop the first television business and then there was records and record player well yes of course C._A.. Had acquired through Marconi Tony Victor talking machine and Victor Records and they also owned R._C._A.. Music Label R._C._A.. Also was very much focused in newer high technology so when the tube which was probably one of the greatest inventions. Inventions of the twentieth century was vacuum tube and that allowed all sorts of other inventions to occur until silicon chip came along and the semiconductor in the second half of the twentieth century and it was able I'll bet enabled everybody to miniaturize all of the pieces of the electronics so that you could fit an entire world of electronics inside a small box during the thirties and forties after television was starting to really really become a reality for the rest of the world are then spent a disproportionate amount of its treasure about one hundred million dollars to create color television to add little fidelity in reality to television system and even in the sixties sixty s when television was ubiquitous across pretty much everywhere the notion of trying to slimline the television by creating a liquid crystal display rather than having it in a tube and the notion of trying hi to transfer with fiber rather than just over the air and the notion of setting it up on satellites rather than having it go terrestrial. We're all focused as R._C._A.. From the fifties sixties and early seventies and then G._e.. Bought R._C._A.. In the eighties and today day R._C._A.. Is a memory for many of us even though the brand name is owned by technicolor. You'll talk about that in a minute but what happened what happened R._C._A.. Why did it fall apart well? It didn't fall apart. It was acquired. It was acquired by G._e.. And and what G._E.. Acquired was R._C._A.. And all of the companies owned underneath the banner which included N._B._C. and Hertz rent a car and banquet foods and say records and R._C._A.. Records and <hes>. Patents thousands and thousands of patents for inventions that are C._a.. Had created over the first half of the century and there were <hes> many people who still thought of R._C._A.. From what what it was which was sign of quality and invention and there are many

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