News in Brief 23 July 2019

UN News


This is the news in brief from the United Nations fifty nine civilians killed and over one hundred injured some critically. That's the human toll from the latest attack in the last rebel-held province in Syria it lip. The succession of strikes on Monday was described as the deadliest so far by a senior official at Osha the U._N.. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Mark Cutts Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator Ota Coach said on Tuesday that the worst strike was on a popular public market in the town of Murat Newman which left at least thirty nine dead with the figure likely to rise as more bodies are discovered. Mr Count said that the attacks amounted. Wanted to a shocking escalation. In the ever-worsening conflict in northwest Syria heatwaves will continue to hit many parts of Europe this week with some countries on course to see record temperatures the world meteorological with Oracle Organization W._M._O.. said on Cheese Day Germany and the Benelux countries are likely to experience their hottest day ever on Thursday when they will have to deal with the peak of over forty degrees Celsius. That's one hundred four. Degrees Fahrenheit several parts of fronts have sent records for the lowest amount of rainfall since records began whilst in Spain the National Weather Service is warning of an extreme fire risk for large parts of the country the warnings follow. Lois sweltering weekend for the U._S._A.. Where records was set for several locations including Atlanta New Jersey and New York's J._F._k.? Airport a spokesperson for the W._M._o.. said on Tuesday that extreme weather events are not not a problem. That's going to go away and that heatwaves are starting earlier becoming increasingly common and more intense meanwhile in Bangladesh parts of the country including the huge Cox's Bazar refugee camp are struggling. Struggling to cope with continual heavy rains that have brought widespread flooding and destruction in a statement on Tuesday a spokesperson for the World Food Programme W._F._p.. said that the agency has supported more than eleven thousand refugees as affected by the rains and flooding in the first two weeks of July a significant rise compared to the same time last year refugee camps have been affected by hundreds of landslides caused by storms and rain and W._F._p.. Engineering teams.

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