Economic Crisis Rattles Venezuelan Cattle Ranchers


Support for this podcast and the following message come from frame bridge they make custom framing easy and affordable frame your art in photos at frame bridge dot com or visit their new stores located on Fourteenth Street and Bethesda row. Get fifteen percent off your first frame bridge order with Code N._P._R.. In Venezuela the food shortage there is such a crisis that millions of Venezuelans have left the country in the Western plains ranters dairy farmers find themselves pushing up many factors preventing them from ramping. Ramping up production everything from gasoline shortages to cattle wrestlers John Otis reports Jose Arteaga leads me on a tour of a slaughterhouse in the western Venezuelan town of my cheek is yes in the nineteen ninety s it was one of the largest in Latin America Arteaga and other workers killed in process seven hundred beef cattle per day. There were three shifts. The work was is nonstop Arteaga says today the pens shoots and killing floors are empty due to nationwide. White blackouts the facility is dark with pigeons flying around near the ceiling. The decline of Venezuela's meat and dairy industry has been a long time in the making it started in the two thousands when Venezuela's Socialist government seized is numerous ranches and milk plants as well as the machecas Slaughterhouse which critics contend was badly managed more recently as Venezuela has sunk into its worst economic crisis in history. There's been an outbreak of crime in rural rural areas and move US loose arrows. He thought people as you. Angelini says that famous recently stole two hundred forty cattle from his much his ranch they offered. Offered to release the animals in exchange for a ransom payment twenty four thousand dollar ransom for your two hundred forty head of cattle. Yes that's a lot yes a lot of money and you don't have ranchers face other hurdles. The collapse flaps Venezuela's oil industry coupled with U._S.. Sanctions against President Nicolas Maduro authoritarian government of leaded gasoline shortages spare parts and vaccines are also scarce says powered Marcus who heads the cattle ranchers. This federation in my cheek is we don't have the supplies tractors or on gasoline that you know all the all the things to make work in the farm and we have to reduce the for a a few years ago Venezuela had fifteen million head of cattle but Marcus says that number has fallen by more than half meat production has contracted by two-thirds a._F._D._C. Salon. I mean we will Kayla. Soldano Kenneka bus when meat is available. Marcus says that most Venezuelans are too poor to purchase it now. Ranchers and machecas are simply trying to survive. Eliya among them is Nester Romeo his four hundred acre dairy farm. It's been in his family for more than one hundred years yellow. Marino get throttled Neil yes if I fell only five even dollar but he he says his two sons have no intention of taking over the farm when Rome at a retires one recently left Venezuela now lives in Dallas by now. It's late afternoon in time to milk the cows but there's a problem blackouts followed by power surges when the lights come back on have damaged Romero's storage tanks unable to refrigerate milk you.

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