Meghan Markle, Britain And Megan discussed on Phil Valentine


Hear the eye roll of the day prince Harry reveals that he and Meghan Markle only have two children to help save the planet yeah as everybody's eyes were a whole mine is a glazed over it yeah yeah and says how unconscious bias is causing racism in Britain and white and his wife's vogue spread out there he's revealed in hand up Megan only one two children they can help save the planet that comes from their father by the way you know he's real big on that prince Charles the Duke of Sussex maybe extraordinary revelation in a candid interview with conservationist doctor Jane Goodall as part of his wife's edition of British vogue now my question is one thing the plan why have any children at all why I just wanted to stop having children you get we go there I mean it's not like he's his brother you know I mean this is this is the spare the air in the spare so I mean it's not like you know if the bloodline dies their big wolf

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