Cashman: Yanks weren't close to deadline deals


They will again they were dangling they just didn't get anything done interestingly enough it was that great he was pitching against the Yankees on Wednesday in the Bronx it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio so Brian Cashman the general manager of the yanks said they were attempting to make some deals most his reasons it didn't work out so certainly disappointed you'd like to have more if you could but I don't have any realistic chance the in my mind based on the dialogue to do so and so for the Yankees for Brian Cashman I think he's more tempered than what he and the Yankees have been in the past when it comes to deadlines they are less inclined I'm not saying they won't do if they're less inclined to mortgage the farm usually why the past anyway they've had a reputation for over buying and also over paying but now they like what they have though they certainly could have used another starter what they like what they have and they feel like even with the Astros in their pitching staff that they've got the bats to be able to match the again Cashman says they did look around they did try to make a deal but there are only so many teams that are selling we knew it was a fair market and it was obviously stiff competition even inside the American League for the services of say as aggregate of course the question then turn to what happens if you match up with the Astros in the playoffs play this season now we'll take care of our own business to put ourselves in a position to be one of those fourteen teams that play in October and then take our roster up against whoever in season or Texas hopefully we're in a position to be planned them in a meaningful game maybe you never know when you match up but you know obviously he's a really good pitcher and and helps their club certainly but we know Ingle beat anyone and that's you know nothing changes there so that Grady had to the Astros and if you care about this sort of thing the oddsmakers now place them along the favorites to win a world theory is you know what happens when the odds makers jump in and make predictions that actually happens when anybody makes a prediction the sports god laughing you'll face so what do you think baseball fans it's not Madison Bumgarner would shout what a bore me away but it is that grain key who should the American League previously remember he was with the Royals it seems like for every go that he was with the kids the Royals doesn't it wow so now he returns to the American League and he's already a lot of with him in a lot of experience but he's already now a guy who doesn't have to worry about pressure he is not to be number one guy he stepped into a rotation that wall is certainly can use him has the confidence and I believe me AL

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