Goodwill Partners with OfferUp to Sell Used Treasures Online


<music> from wondering <music> I'm David Brown and this is business daily on this Friday July twelfth. Well it turns out you can't teach old dogs new tricks goodwill the venerable nonprofit known for its brick and mortar thrift stores is stepping up. Its digital presence last month. Not that began partnering with the online site offer up to advertise some of its clothes household goods and small furniture sitting in its physical stores offer up is a free mobile ad platform intended to help you sell your use stuff typically locally reportedly it takes less than a minute to post an item say that worn out dresser you want to sell for fifty bucks you can communicate with potential buyers through the APP itself. You're also responsible for finishing the transaction meeting up with the buyer and exchanging cash and. Goods such a free and easy to use mobile marketplace APP is a natural match for an organization like goodwill which knows a good bargain when it sees one as with virtually all brick and mortar retail stores goodwill's walk in traffic is declining is more and more of US shop online and it's likely to diminish even more but interest in buying secondhand items is surging as younger consumers contend with high housing costs and student loan debt and more and more shoppers. They're buying used items out of concern for the environment too so about one hundred of goodwill's individual stores have turned to offer up for help attracting millennials who are more likely to shop on their phones than in a physical store but it's not goodwill's first Internet Internet Rodeo. The organization runs its own website and also lists some items on Ebay still offer up gives goodwill another channel through which to move inventory shoppers can either pick up their new to them items at the goodwill locations themselves or. Or goodwill will ship them for fee. The New Partnership is a good deal for offer up as well offer up gets a steady flow of inventory from a trusted organization and helpful publicity boost offer up grew quickly after its launch launching twenty eleven but another Free Mobile Resalat popped up in twenty fifteen the formidable startup Lego investors showered money on let go funding them to a tune of almost a billion dollars in a few short years. That's almost four times. Says much as offer up as raised so imagine that the old leather chair sitting in your garage is valuable to someone don't bother with a garage sale and thirty seconds you can post it on offer up. Let go or both or four. We suppose you could donate to goodwill and let them post the darn thing from wondering this is business for his daily this week's episodes.

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