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Churchill getting started would bind with they're the first really too big weekends they also course got the international later in the meet later in the fall and and that brings in some international shippers this woodbine mile just the mile either northern dancer the more you look at it. I thought was was was intriguing and there's plenty of other a lot of stars on the card including Holy Khaleda and pink Loyd. WHO's I I for a horse? That's one like twenty seven in a row. Nobody seems the talk about him or pay much attention to him. Bob Tillers streaking sprinter and here's a streaking sprinter victim Rio depends on where the sprint destination is. I think might Tapei at times but shop racing form a yes to the windows. Definitely Pink Floyd is is really sort of a marvel in terms of how he's performed well routinely I of course needed him to at least be third in this race last year in the contest and finished fifth so the pink floyd stop it will be nowhere near Wreck Stale Ontario and so his chances tomorrow we'll probably increase exponentially. He's in the early. They put the bold venture early on the card actually in fact when I went to the stakes together and put them up Derby Trail Oh. I didn't even look that that early on the card so I didn't even have to go back in fact I don't know if I did go back and put it up but there are a couple couple of very nice horses here including Carlin's honor the Jack Oxley Breezy York good old Yordan approaching half a million dollars for a chiefs would and Stewart Simon you know a lot of your a lot of your local players in the sprint scene but pink Cloyd is now twenty one twenty six and it really was late last year September October that he started to show some some frings signs of tiring and Kinda sputtered out at the end of the year could. Could he be beaten in here. I don't think so no it looks like he's he's back where he needs to be and I don't really know I guess other than Caroline's honor who's supposed to be particularly big threat to him in the spot so he he should get the job done. I mean it's always nice to see good. Horses do Well York than obviously was in much better form coming into this last year having run a good second pink Floyd Royd individual and and that was also during a period of time where pink floyd was having a really hard time getting out of the gate so he's a little ornery for a seven year old gelding and he had a little bit gate trouble really about four or five races in a row going into last year's bold venture he he's not he still not they really particularly the obedient or when it comes to getting out of the gate or being trained for it but he's definitely a little bit better spot with that right now so I think given that he's he's inform and should be sitting right off of the of the pace. If you worked in may be line to the front end. I think he should be okay before we talk about the Canadian the end the grade to which does start the cross country and will incorporate the pebbles and the nightcap at Belmont Nixon thoughts about last week at Belmont. We talked about this Jockey Club Derby and oaks and the Grand Prix. I talked to Andy on Tuesday. The Grand Prix was oddly contest than I thought but some some quick hits on opening the opening salvos at Belmont. I guess guess I'll try and keep it as charitable as possible. Given I took my shots at it last week but I think they played out largely. How we expected decide thought was a pretty impressive winner of the Jockey Club oaks overcoming? I think by all counsel was a pretty negative pace setup and winning is much the best running down Wonderman who I thought probably got a little bit more the run of the race and the American contingent as we expected in that race as well as the Jockey Club Derby were pretty much no shows and it could also be that the American continuing is pretty thin out by now. We'll talk about the pebbles and a little bit but the pebbles is going to be the ninth race for one hundred thousand dollars or more for three year olds fillies on turf going back to June sixth six and that's insane so the ranks of American horses that are ready to go a mile and three eighths early in September. We're really not very not very robust and and that proved out on the lady side and I thought Spanish mission I I actually thought he was totally out of position and thought that he was about to have a Jamie Spencer Special before he was able to overcome it and get the job done so a little bit. I know that the horse was capable of overcoming his writer. I I would imagine he he should be one of the better distant sources that we could potentially see over here next year given that he's going to be off now until the spring and there's just obviously connections that have problems shipping over the Grand Prix North American Jockey Club invitational brought to you by whatever most pretentious name of all time that was one of the most oddly run races I've ever seen first of all. I don't know how the hell everybody knew. Marconi was winning that race for fun and then to watch the riders of both realm and roaming union gather a hold of their horses so strongly almost as if they were waiting for Marconi to catch up and take the lead after he blew the break so that he could go one sixteen flat it was basically sort of the epitome of what we complain about left and right about American American dirt racing right now and you know in this day and age of sort of turf occasion of American racing where everybody points to turf races races are run like turf races. It's almost as if one horse makes the lead all the other guys say okay well. They're the pacesetter we're just GONNA go ahead and sit back and wait for them to come back to us and the majority of the time on the dirt that just doesn't happen even so shockingly Marconi was able to set a pedestrian pace and and went on with it and I I obviously would not have been a big fan of his at the price he went off often. We talked about how it looked like a bit more competitive race on paper the other todd pletcher trainee your to blame. I thought ran pretty well. He was able to stop the pace on the inside but you know I don't y horse like roaming union was in there if he wasn't GonNa GonNa contest the pace especially given that he's from connections like Michelle Navin who generally have a pretty decent idea how to win dirt racist so that was is a little bit of a head scratcher. you know look my personal opinion is that if there's any thought given to this turf triple. I really hope that same amount of money is committed to a dirt program and trying trying to incentivize horsemen to get there and run on dirt more frequently really try and build up the claiming ranks again because it's kind of embarrassing through the first three days of racing. I'm I'm sorry through the first three days of Racing Belmont there were seventy eight horses total entered to run on dirt and there are over seventy eight horses enter to run dirt in the first day at Churchill so I if the same number number of races and and that's that's not good. That's a big big problem that creates a big problem in the winter so that's my hope for it as it is. I guess we'll see probably a little bit better from Spanish mission in the Diese Lisa next year well we turn to Belmont today and into the weekend a couple of very good maiden races actually as part of that card and maybe we'll touch on them but let's let's look at the cross country pick five and it is comprised of of the three three of the stakes would bind the Canadian the mile and the northern dancer that you know you the top of your head. You wouldn't have thought it the three of them were as complex as actually I think they are and then the pebbles and the turf sprint claiming nightcap the eleventh at Belmont so let's start with the Canadian you know this is an interesting field the and really they'll competition. Idea should probably go off a pretty solid favorite. I don't really see how tactically you could make a real stand with her and she's a horseshoe. Obviously needs to lay back and make one run and you know those types generally at the mercy of the pace and this race does not look like it's going to have really any pace speak of so so she's going to have to overcome that now. I will say that you'll Rosario getting back on board to me feels like a very good thing. It does seem like she's just a little bit better horse when he's John Her but now the flip side of that is that we know Joel style. He's GonNa take her back and let her make one run so I mean they're they're going to. There's going to have to be some pace in here that you can't really foresee and I guess the hope is that Dixie moon and or starship do believe maybe show a little bit more speed than they have before. That's if you're back competition of ideas with any great fervor because obviously what this is shaping up as a situation where Holy Helena has a big tactical advantage on the other favorite and and she's been effective at Woodbine in the past. You look good winning the dance smartly last time Jimmy was giving a little bit of time since and I think she's a horse that that will really get the run of the race and and that's GonNa make her toffee. This could be a situation where on your your pick five. You're really leaning on those two pretty heavily and maybe you could give a little bit of a nod holy Helena on one one more additional ticket. I did want to try and make a case for to Riga and my hope is the Tyler Galileo. Maybe a little bit more aggressive with her than Johnny. Velazquez was was last time he finished just length and a half behind the competition of ideas did get into a little bit of trouble amazingly. She got into trouble in the three-horse rates which it happens of course and with a little bit cleaner run maybe second off the off the layoff off the ship in we can see some improvement grim oceans been a little the little laid back with her she she ran on July twentieth didn't work until August thirty first but might be one of those horses that can stay fit without doing that. I I'm always very very in tune and was looking at his horses in these kind of scenarios as they they generally overperform relative to their odds so I'm GonNa go ahead and include Theresa's well the and will include could starship jubilee more than likely those two has backups because I think they each offers some appeal at what should be better prices than the two chalks should note that ah Jimmy Jerkins after sending Holy Elena opt for the dance smartly basically is as left her there and oh my Gosh the stronach trainer but my Woodbine what is yes thank you Mike Doyle. Mike Doyle has been handling and Jimmy is on TV with seth deny after after precision is one and he told the story about Jimmy said he got the notification is it is stable mail all that Holy Helena had worked Labor Day weekend and so gets the notice he opens it up and Airy Jerry Sees Holy Elena six longs one eleven and three Jimmy said got on the phone to this is Mike what's going on up there and he said I really don't worry though or she did it easy. Did it easy the track was the polly was slick. It was cold or whatever yeah what eleven at three and you know what I did. I brought up with Jimmy that great story that is his father told about Bo purple and going out to Hawthorn for the Hawthorne Gold Cup on Tuesday the race as was Saturday and on Tuesday he gets a call from a Chicago sportswriter and said Jerkins. I wanted to ask you for comment about outvote purples work and said what about it. He says well he he he went a mile in one thirty. Two and three Korea broke the track record or mile. I think he went to violent at eight and broke the track record. What what forty seven forty six shades or something and and and Jerkin said you know? I'm sure he'll be fine and sure enough. He went out and won the Gold Cup but that was funny. One one eleven and three

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