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Foodgod : OMFG


The whole thing was it wasn't even about that. Meghan markle wow Meghan markle was sitting like seven rows in front of us. I was like the most exciting day ever to see a royal so close course I was surprised because her hair was a little. I thought it was going to be like all prim and proper crazy but it's still a lot of extensions. I think okay I was so excited to see her. She's very pretty. She doesn't stop touching her hair a lot of security or no they were hidden. It was weird. She Came Min with Serena's Adrian Jill smollet. I believe her. Last name is and just kind of sat down. It was Megan because I thought it was gonNA come in with like I know everybody was waiting to see her. I was freaked out. It was like the craziest shit ever. I cannot believe Meghan Markle was sitting right there so you were a little star stock.

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